Why Dogecoin Still Has a Lot Going for It in 2016

Written by Mark Mage.

Dogecoin is the original fun coin. To this day, DOGE still is one of the very few Crypto coins to have a proper and full range of accessories available, from wallet software for the widest range of operating systems, to paper wallet generators and paper wallets with great layouts, to tipping solutions, social media integration, and lots more.

DOGE prices have been what one needs to call “healthy” for many years now, something one cannot necessarily say of many coins.

What’s more, DOGE’s popularity actually makes this one of the select few coins to have something of a REAL economy behind it. DOGE is accepted by many payment processors (on top of roughly ALL Crypto coin exchanges as well).

Last year’s decision to peg Dogecoin’s mining to Litecoin may or may not be a good thing. At least that decision has not damaged DOGE or the overall popularity of Dogecoin as of this writing. If it helped achieving the hoped-for results is not widely known either, but maybe the Devs could shed some light on that.

Either way, Dogecoin continues to be one of the most successful and  popular coins which is something not even originally intended by the coin’s developers. (Dogecoin was originally intended merely a s joke.) Due to excellent underlying technology, the coin took on a life of its own. Using Dogecoin is flawless, using Dogecoin is a lot of fun, confirmations for dogecoins are blazing-fast, and no one is known to ever have had any technical issue whatsoever with dogecoins. Several spin-offs like Dogeparty, DogecoinDark and others will only help developing DOGE itself as well as the entire Crypto coin space in the future. This may be likened to what Formula I racing does for overall vehicle development in the automobile industry. There’s much more to come, and it will be “many fun” to watch this success story developing further as the age of Bitcoin, Alt coins, and the overall peer-to-peer economy continues and matures.

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