Renewables for Bitcoiners (2) — Mini Wind Generators

Here’s another introductory note for Bitcoiners and Renewables or off-grid, de-centralized, p2p power generation. Enjoy!

Renewables for Bitcoiners (2) — Mini Wind Generators

WIND is created by ineven heating of the surface of the earth. Wind turbines harness the kinetic energy in the wind and convert it into electrical energy. This energy can be used to power your home and work facilities.


Wind is an abundant and naturally occurring resource. Wind energy is one of the cleanest ways to produce electricty. Very little processing needs to be done to convert it into free and clean energy. Operation of a wind turbines produces no pollution with no emissions, exessive noise or waste heat by-product. Particularly with mini wind generators lacking most of the detrimental effects of large-scale wind farms, wind can be harvested with minimal impact on the environment, a very important factor in meeting our increasing energy needs. Mini wind systems can be deployed for distributed generation (right where the power is consumed) and thus save on wasteful transmission (there is up to 50% loss of energy in the grid alone) as well as prevent visual impact and EMF radiation from grid lines.


Wind is an inexhaustible resource. Operation and maintenance expenses can easily be forecast; especially with high-quality turbine systems designed to operate with no scheduled maintenance. Robust design and an expected life of 25 to 30 years provide added economic feasibility.


You will enjoy economic as well as environmental benefits from wind energy. Home Wind installations contribute energy and make cost savings possible for owners by offsetting power requirements from the grid. It is the most cost efficient way to produce electricity on your own, and with government incentives and rebates, the payback period on a mini wind system can be as little as nine years in some locations.

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