Recent Altcoin Rally Running Out of Steam?

Alt coins have significantly increased in price across the board (as reported earlier). This impressive rally appears to be slowing towards the end of the week, and much depends on weekend trading activity now to show whether or not the recent run is coming to an end.

With Bitcoin holding steady throughout the week, the “silver effect” for Alt coins may be less of an incentive for Crypto coin investors to continue piling up on some Alt coins even more, although there is still particular potential for Litecoin specifically.

If Bitcoin’s price continues nicely along its trend line, then Alt coin prices may take some sort of a breather until there are fresh price impulses across Bitcoin and Alt coin markets.

The impressive runs in both DOGE (Dogecoin) and EAC (Earthcoin) appear to have subsided for the time being, particularly in light of Chinese exchanges BTC38 and Jubi having now “done enough pumping” and returning to normal. Still, dogecoins are holding on to much of their gains, albeit below the impressive highs of 138 satoshis posted over the previous weekend.

Investors wishing to participate in similar gains might want to wait for LTC (Litecoin) to advance further against Bitcoin or look out for previously quiet coins such as DOGED (DogecoinDark), MINT (Mintcoin), or AUR (Auroracoin) to gain some speed.

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