PPC Peercoin Posting Substantial Price Gains

The price of Peercoin, the first environmentally-friendly proof-of-stake Crypto currency, has increased substantially  during the second half of December.

Against the US dollar, PPC is currently trading at 0.4807 after posting earlier highs around $0.5230 on Dec 18. (All prices as quoted on Cryptsy.)

Peercoin’s price recovery is as substantial as that of Bitcoin itself with peercoins having had all-time lows around just 21 US cents.

Peercoin continues to be an alternative to Bitcoin itself, being the first coin to solve Bitcoin’s notorious problem of wasting electricity for Bitcoin mining as well as not being susceptible to Bitcoin’s infamous weakness against “51% attacks”. After PPC, there have been other proof-of-stake Crypto coins repaicing power-intensive mining with much more eco-friendly “minting”, the most popular and successful of which is Mintcoin (MINT).

While most Altcoin prices can fluctuate heavily and can form patterns of their own against the one of Bitcoin, the recent upward move of Peercoin appears to be related more to Bitcoin’s overall price increase against the dollar and Crypto coins, in general, regaining more traction as acceptance rates increase. It will be interesting to watch these prices into early 2016.

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