Of All Places: The Post Office “Facilitating” Bitcoin?


The USPS (United States Postal Service) is struggling to keep their fading industrial-age business alive. In a series of papers on the future of postal services in the U. S. (and around the world), postal bureaucrats as well as UPU (Universal Postal Union) functionaries laid out a number of plans to revive their dying business and to find ways of maintaining their prerequisite costly network of branches. Including all kinds of Bitcoin-related services is one of these many proposals.

The postal bureaucrats seem to acknowledge the fact that Bitcoin technology has enormous potential. Looking for any straws to cling to, these representatives of a drowning business are now even willing to go as far as adopting something like Crypto currency which, in fact, is totally against their nature (of not working, making coffee breaks, and overcharge customers for lousy services based on having a monopoly). What they entirely fail to understand is the fact that Bitcoin is already doing very well without the “help” of the geniuses at the post office and that a peer-to-peer situation has little room (nor need) for state-to-state or country-to-country style relations. Representatives of the post seem to think that they can jump onto the Bitcoin bandwagon, a symbol of first-movers into a new technology helping us to finally break free from anachronistic power structures and limitations, by giving us yet another of their more-of-the-same “solutions”.

One might be forgiven having doubts about about postal workers’ ability to live up to the standards usual in the Bitcoin world. Bitcoin is an inherently free-market phenomenon, just like the overall internet. The mentality of a state-run enterprise is right on the other end of the scale. As the old saying goes, “In socialism everything works like the Post Office”.

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