Litecoin and Peercoin May Be Undervalued Now

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After their rally of roughly two weeks ago, both LTC (Litecoin) and PPC (Peercoin) have retraced from their short-term highs of BTC 0.00849000 and BTC 0.00159000 respectively.

Both Litcoin and Peercoin are very popular and established Crypto coins with a large following of their own in the overall Bitcoin field.

LTC having tested lower levels around BTC 0.00770000 a few days ago appears to now regain some momentum and is moving back up towards the BTC 0.00800000 level again. If that level is cleared to the upside, there may be room for significantly higher Litecoin prices.

PPC, at the same time, is now sitting around 105000 satoshis or BTC 0.00105000 which appears to be an intermediate support level after PPC had met previous resistance around this level from the beginning of the year. If the 105000 satoshis support holds or can be cleared to the upside, Peercoin may resume a broader upward move.

For both coins, current levels represent strong support and hint at these coins possibly holding price gains throughout the next days and weeks of Crypto Exchange or CX Trading.

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