Bitcoin Security a Primary Concern for Many

Bitcoin Security is a pre-requisite for mass adoption of Bitcoin and all other Crypto coins.

In their continuous quest for “exciting” stories that “sell”, the mass media have, once again, done a good job of spreading mis-information — this time about Crypto coins (like Bitcoin and others). The media’s superficial coverage “breaks” sensational stories of some poor dummy losing hundreds of thousands in Bitcoin by dumping their old computer or others “finding” a fortune in Crpyto coins in a Yard Sale. All these news items suggest that Crypto coins must be terrible when it comes to security: if you can find them, you can lose them, hence overall insecure, right?


There is little doubt among the better-informed that Crypto coins are secure from a technical point of view. As usual with all kinds of IT (and other) security issues, the risks stem from inadequate use by every-day users. And while this may hamper mass-adoption in some ways, it is something that can and needs to be overcome by providing the tools needed for even “dumb users” to handle their Crypto coins securely.

“Being Ones Own Bank” (as put it), while offering huge advantages, also has a few downsides — and that is security or the lack of it…

The overall “Bitcoin Security” field, therefore, needs to be worked in order to reduce the risks by prudent and as simple as possible means for everyone.

It will help the overall Bitcoin space by fostering mass adoption of this great technology in real life.

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