Bitcoin for Your Business

To set up Bitcoin payments for your business, just e-mail the Bitcoin Business Consultants for details and prices! Bitcoin in your business will

  • reduce your cost for accepting payments online and off
  • eliminate chargebacks
  • speed transactions & reduce payment lag-time
  • do away with all credit card fraud and stolen cards risk
  • increase your customer base significantly
  • serve as an additional (free) marketing tool & increase visibility in the market

All these advantages can be had for an investment that is proportionally small compared to  benefits and additional business opportunities.

Bitcoin payments for businesses, Bitcoin Business Consultants details and prices

If already an e-business, your business will have most of the required components in place already, and prices start at a few hundred dollars (one-time). For bricks-and-mortar-only businesses, we can develop a business plan to move your operation online and deploy a fully functioning internet presence with Bitcoin (as well as conventional) payment methods or deploy point-of-sale solutions for stand-alone operation. To discuss your requirements and get a no-obligation quote, please  click here to e-mail our Bitcoin Business Consultants today.

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