Banks Increasingly Unusable for “Fraud Protection” Reasons

Just use your credit or debit card online or at a “real” ATM, and you’ll be almost as likely to run into some issues as you are to complete the desired transaction without trouble.

Problems range from “fraud alerts” triggered by legitimate every-day transactions at a local cash machine to payments for a simple (and common) Amazon order being “rejected” for obscure reasons.

While these all prove unfounded at closer scrutiny and can sometimes be resolved relatively easily, these unwarranted “arrests of your payment card” are very annoying — to say the least. Often they are also an outright violation of applicable Terms and Conditions. Banks apparently do not care though and continue their “policy” of doing as they please or deem appropriate when it comes to protecting their affairs.

If so, this can only mean banks are obsessed with fear and, in fact, are on the verge of being unable to deliver on services they owe customers under the various parts of their bank services contract.

With banks increasingly going overboard with what they believe to be “Fraud Protection”, using Visa, Mastercard or similar bank-issued “plastic” is increasingly useless for bank customers.

Alternative payment systems need to develop further, and having them in less-incompetent hands than your average retail bankers is also desirable.

Privately operated Crypto coins will possibly earn more user trust and prove to be the better option for payments and transactions very soon.

Depending on the type of Crypto coin, this is already becoming a de-facto phenomenon: particularly Litecoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, and most recently Ethereum, appear to be good candidates for reaching widespread user acceptance apart from Bitcoin itself.

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