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Poloniex Exchange Moving to Ireland

poloniex crypto-coin exchange moving to IrelandCrypto-coin trading platform and exchange Poloniex has just announced that they are moving their physical business infrastructure, servers, and overall presence from the US state of Delaware to the Irish Republic.

The announcement comes in the mid of a wider trend for crpyto exchanges to establish their physical presence in one European country or other.

Only a few weeks ago, formerly Brazil-based crypto exchange Bleutrade, in doing a similar thing, moved their entire infrastructure to Portugal, which is said to offer a very crypto-friendly environment. Bleutrade, in trying to be present in Europe, had earlier established itself in Malta but were disappointed with the bureaucratic and apparently somewhat incompetent approach of the authorities there, failing to provide actionable information or a framework businesse can really operate in. Portugal seemed the better choice for Bleutrade and hence was chosen over Malta.

With Poloniex now free from overly stringent and innovation-strangling regulations in the U. S., it will be interesting to see the kind of new features Poloniex are going to add to their already great range of services.

A decentralized exchange, called PoloniDex, seems to be among the first in a row of new offers, as is the fact that Poloniex has added interest on some deposits as well as crypto-lending for high-yield (but also high-risk) financing of borrowers on the exchange.

Poloniex can be found at where first-hand information an details are available.